Join us for a one mile cruise between 4 breweries for tasting flights and lunch while your beer guide immerses you in the local brewery scene and shares stories about our vibrant prohibition history.



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Central Coast Brewing

"Recognized as one of the premier brewing facilities in California's Central Coast region, CCB is known far and wide for its variety of hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind signature ales and lagers. Whether you sit at the bar enjoying a fresh beer or hang out on the patio, Central Coast Brewing is your neighborhood brewery."

Barrelhouse Speakeasy

"This modern speakeasy features an impressive list of draft specialties, year-round offerings, as well as Reservado De Robles Barrel-Aged Beers and Salvaje De Robles Small Batch Sours and Wild Ales. The Speakeasy continues the tradition of Good People, Good Times, and Great Beer."


SLO Brew's


"Located in the heart of downtown, SLO Brew – affectionately known as “The Brew” – is a neighborhood brewpub featuring our original 10-barrel brewing tanks and copper kettle, fresh local fare, an intimate music venue, whiskey lounge, fireside salon, and creekside patio."


Libertine Brewing Co.

"All of our Wild Ales are brewed and then transferred into an open-top coolship overnight, which allows the local wild yeasts of our area time to naturally fall in and start the fermentation process, giving our beers a true Central Coast Terroir. We host 76 taps of excellent beer and wines from all over; including a wide variety of our own wild ales."