What's included in a tour?

Your personal guide will take you to four breweries where you will get two 4-ounce tasters at each stop plus pizza lunch at one of our brewpub stops about halfway through.

How long is a walking beer tour?

3-4 hours. We like to spend about 45 minutes at each brewery so we just go with the groove of the group while still moving on to the next stop.

How many people will be on the tour?

We limit our tours to eight people allowing you more time to enjoy the breweries without a large group. 

Sweet a pub crawl!!111!1!!

We kindly ask that you remain on your feet. If you are over-intoxicated our fantastic guides will give you a personal guided tour of the brewery exit doors.

How far and where does the tour start/end?

The total tour route is under 1 mile. Your guide will be awaiting you at Central Coast Brewing on 1422 Monterey Street, finishing at our last stop, Libertine Brewing on 1234 Broad Street.

What does the guide do?

Your guide loves beer and loves talking about it even more. Coming from a background of professional brewers, beer Cicerones, beer journalist and overall big fans, your guide will not only make sure you don't get lost but will give you the insight of the beers being served and history of the brewery. While walking to the next spot, they'll delve into the rich prohibition history of San Luis Obispo.

Can we get a guided tour of the breweries we visit?

Brewery tours are subject to the brewery staff's availability. Please email us after you have booked your beer tour and at least two weeks in advance of your tour date and we will arrange it for you!

Can we have our own personal private walking tour?

Celebrating something special or just have a large group? We're here for you. Let us know what you want to put together and we'll do the rest. 

Are children or minors allowed?

Minors will not be allowed into some of the tasting rooms on our route so they will not be able to participate on our walking tours. 

Any more questions? Please feel free to email, call, or find us on Facebook and we'll answer the same day



Meet your beer guides

Seth Souza
Nature Guide, Beer Tourist

+Leads local nature hikes too

+Travels to breweries constantly

+Big Brother and Ninja Warrior

+Favorite beer style is NE IPAs 


Val Hines
Bartender, Talker

+can talk to anyone anywhere

+Seasoned beer slinger

+Will probably drink with you afterwards

+Fave beer: Cold pilsners on hot days